2021 dachshund desktop calendar B, 6"x4" with plastic easel and 12 original designs on glossy paper.
January 2021 Two Super Dachshunds flying with capes and Happy New Year banner, February 2021 A brown dachshund watches as a black and tan dachshund flies overhead in a hot air balloon with hearts trailing behind it, March 2021 Two dachshunds playing with cherry blossoms falling from a cherry tree
2021 Dachshund Desktop Monthly Calendar B - 4"x6"
2021 Dachshund Desktop Monthly Calendar B - 4"x6"
October 2021 Two dachshunds dressed as hot dogs with one holding a pumpkin celebrating halloween, November 2021 two dachshunds on an apple farm with one holding a red apple in its mouth and the other in a large pumpkin, December 2021 Two dachshunds dressed as Santa's reindeer at the North Pole
2021 dachshund desktop calendar B, January super dachshunds, February doxies in hot air balloon, March dachshunds under cherry tree, April doxies in raincoats, May dachshunds in gondola venice, June dachshund graduation.
Dachshund 2021 desktop calendar B, July dachshunds in pool with floatie, August dachshunds on farm with sunflowers, September dachshunds playing football, October dachshund hot dog Halloween, November dachshunds on apple farm in pumpkin, December dachshund reindeer north pole.

2021 Dachshund Desktop Monthly Calendar B - 4"x6"

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This calendar version features my doxie cuties dressed up in fun outfits and enjoying activities the way I imagine they would. 

This desktop calendar features 12 of my original dachshund designs, and is sure to brighten anyone's desk. This is the perfect gift to give to someone or to keep for yourself.

*****2021 Dachshund Desktop Calendar B*****

Each card measures 4 x 6 inches and is printed on glossy paper. Each desktop calendar comes with its own clear case which doubles as an easel.

*****Dachshund Images by Month*****

--January (Dachshunds Flying New Year)
--February (Dachshunds with Hot Air Balloon, Hearts)
--March (Dachshunds Under Cherry Blossom Tree)
--April (Dachshunds in the Rain)
--May (Dachshunds on Gondola)
--June (Dachshund Graduation)
--July (Dachshunds in Pool)
--August (Dachshunds on Farm with Sunflowers)
--September (Dachshunds Playing Football)
--October (Dachshund Hot Dogs Halloween)
--November (Dachshunds on Apple Orchard)
--December (Dachshund Reindeer at North Pole - Happy Holidays)


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Each item in my shop is designed with love by me, Cindy Masuda/© Sudachan All Rights Reserved. All illustrations are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or used without obtaining prior written consent.

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